I hope to meet you soon. Until then here's some info about me …

I enjoy the collaborative process of a creative team and how we build on each other’s skills. I love that moment when everyone’s tweaks and finishing touches just click!

I take meticulous care with small details while keeping a sharp eye on the big picture. I can follow scripts and layouts or I can help envision an entire scene from scratch. I love the ability to finesse objects and space to create a mood, lead the eye to the hero or tell a story.

Composition, texture, color, pattern, shapes, space, negative space, light, shadow, story … this is how I see and think, whether on set or off. Walking out my back door, in my mind’s eye, on the beach, on the job. The interplay of copy with image and story is in my nature and in my training.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved to Chicago for grad school to study Film, New Media and Installation Art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, wondering if I could make it through two of the famous Chicago winters I’d been warned about. I not only survived and got my MFA, but met my partner and stayed. Eons later, weather hardy and deeply rooted in Chicago, I’ve logged sixteen years as a prop stylist in commercial and editorial photography.

I'm available for prop styling for:

  • commercial
  • editorial
  • television and film
I'm based in Chicago and welcome jobs involving travel.

I look forward to hearing from you. 312.543.3056

Take a look at my portfolio: